The Limestone Coast Food and Beverage Strategic Plan 2023-2033 sets a bold vision for the food and beverage industries in the Limestone Coast.

It asks other industries such as education, manufacturing, logistics and forestry to work with the food and beverage industries, to optimise their potential.

The Limestone Coast’s natural environment, proximity to market, human capital, and entrepreneurial capacity, coupled with the wide range of premium food and beverage products produced here, make the Region a global phenomenon.

As one of South Australia’s highest value primary production areas, the Limestone Coast has $1,989,357,273 agricultural output value attributed to food and beverage production.

This is more than 25% of South Australia’s value-added agricultural production, from 2% of its land.

The business environment is positive.  The Limestone Coast is home to global manufacturers in red meat, dairy, seafood, wine, vegetable, and grains industries.  It is supported by a strong network of agribusiness professionals, and large and small scale food and beverage manufacturers.

It is the only South Australian region that grows and processes multiple industries, including beef and lamb, seafood, dairy, eggs, coarse grains, horticulture and grapes for wine within the Region.

The Region is one of the most agronomically diverse in Australia, due to a wide range of soils, unique geology and geography, the availability of underground water and the climatic influence of the Southern Ocean.

This wide diversity of agriculture production resulting in world-class food and wine is our competitive advantage, it is what makes the Limestone Coast unique, and drives a strong and confident economy.