The Post and Rail

Cindy is a lover of food and growing produce.  Her methods are always simple, efficient and fun.  She is a bit of a rebel when it comes to rules and because of this, has found wonderful and easy ways of gardening, making, preserving, and enjoying food.

The Post and Rail philosophy is to help people connect with seasonal growing and cooking.  To share knowledge and passion along with time saving tips, short cuts and methods which bring us all back to a connection to the seasons.  It’s all about flavour and you just can’t beat the taste of home grown produce!

With a range of hands on cooking, gardening and art classes there is always something new and fun happening at The Post and Rail!

Cindy has such great positive energy, she exudes fun and mischief and she continues to find joy in helping people discover the delight of cooking from scratch. Food that’s just been plucked off a tree or dug up and turned into something delicious and simple. It is the BEST!