The Lobster Pot – Beachport

The Lobster Pot specialises in local premium Southern Rock Lobster. Available live, cooked or snap frozen and caught daily by Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-operative (LCFC), The Lobster Pot operates seasonally, opening from September-April each year.

Come and say hello and try our world-class product today, available fresh from our shopfront in Beachport.

The Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-operative

Proudly owned and operated by local South East South Australia fishing families, the LCFC is a processor and exporter of premium Southern Rock Lobster. The organisation was established by fishermen from the South Australian Southern Zone Southern Rock Lobster Fishery as a positive and constructive response to the inevitable and ongoing rationalisation of quota ownership and exporting capacity and the likely future impacts of this structural change on family-owned and operated fishing businesses.

The LCFC structure is a way for grassroots industry to take a significant stake in their own industry for the future and to retain a level of control for themselves, allowing them to operate at the same level as some of the larger players in the industry.

We are a co-operative based on the following set of fundamental values: experience, respect, loyalty and honesty, and our core driver is to secure a viable future for fishermen and their families, as well as the coastal towns and communities in which they live.


The LCFC works by working for its members – our membership base is our greatest strength.