Confido Coonawarra

Dave and Heidi Boyd purchased a 40 acre property at Coonawarra a few years back – which just happened to come with around 1,600 olive trees, approximately 300 lemon trees, 100+ cherry trees, fig trees, apple trees, pear trees, apricot trees, peppercorn trees and much more.

The property had not been run as an olive grove for a few years, as the previous owners had the property on the market for quite a while and had sold off the majority of items that allowed it to continue as a business. They just wanted a place where they could run sheep, have a veggie patch and enjoy life out of town. It was a couple of years later that Dave and Hiedi had a chat about giving the whole olive oil thing a go. Well long story short, that was about five years ago and they now have a tractor, harvester, logo, labels, olive oil processor and are planning to have their new processing shed built by the end of 2023. They thoroughly enjoyed the bits they were doing and decided to take it all to another level.

After extra virgin olive oil, Dave and Heidi tried olives in brine and the old-fashioned dry salt-cured olives. Their whole ethos is: “keep it simple – stop overcomplicating things – and stop adding so much crap”.  Getting back to basics is something they are all about, right down to sustainable practices on the property, i.e. planting the right plants that attract the right bugs which help the property thrive – instead of using chemicals.

Heidi then did a lot of research into what else could be done with extra virgin olive oil, which then progressed to processing their own castile soap (one of the oldest and most gentle soaps out there) in both bar and liquid form, as well as a moisturising balm and lip balm.

Everything Dave and Heidi do they aim to source from their property, otherwise locally, then state and then Australian. Hansen Print in Naracoorte have done all their designs and labels, business cards, etc. The casks of oil they use come from a lovely couple who have a business North of Adelaide (the cardboard is made in Adelaide!).  Yes, it costs a little more but they are proud that they support not only their community but their country to the fullest extent.

Recently Heidi has also been making a Lemon Squash Concentrate which has become quite a hit, and she has many plans for utilising other produce on their property – but there are only so many hours in a day!

Confido Coonawarra’s future plans are to process their own olive oil on site, be able to contract press for local producers, have visitors and tourists come to the property to see how it all works and to taste the result straight off the press.