Bully’s Meats

At Bully’s Meats, we’re second generation primary producers, specialising in grass and pasture-fed Black Angus cattle and white Dorper sheep. We raise all of our animals humanely in the upper south east of South Australia on our 5000 acre property, refraining from the use of hormone growth promoters. 

We are proud members of the Australian Angus Society, and are dedicated to supporting regional communities through sustainable agriculture and by connecting consumers with farmers.

Chris manages the production side, ensuring all our animals are happy and healthy, while Robyn follows the journey of the animal from paddock to plate, valuing the supply chain and ensuring minimal waste.

We work hard each day to create a healthy environment for our animals, as well maintaining quality for our customers and keeping sustainability and innovation at the forefront of our business. Sourcing your beef and lamb from Bully’s Meats means that you’re not only supporting local business but also assisting in waste management and community growth.