Argentinian Delights

The flavours are endless, but the filling is one, dulce-de-leche of course! Traditional Argentinian treats called ‘Alfajores’, made with love in Mount Gambier and travelling all over the Limestone Coast in the Argentinian Delights Mobile Van, affectionately known as “Alfiemobile”.

Founder and owner of Argentinian Delights, Camila Del Valle is the poster, content creator, cook and front of house for this small business. Moreover, when you visit the Alfiemobile at the markets and events, you will be chatting with the baker herself!

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moving to Australia in 2018, Camila began baking the traditional Argentinian Alfajores in May 2020, due to the pandemic. A buttery shortbread biscuit, filled with caramel dulce-de-leche – thick and glossy, rich and sweet, spreadable golden caramel turning simple treats into divine luxury! Camila soon found a whole new world of possibilities in this mouth-watering delight. Ever since she has been working on new dreamy flavours showcasing this delicious and luxurious biscuit along with other flavours from across the region, including locally grown hemp seed, lemon, meringue and so much more!

Keep your eyes out for the Alfiemobile van across the region, or better yet, follow along on socials to see where you can come along and say hello – the hardest part will be deciding which flavour to choose!

Argentinian Delights loves making new friends, find them via their socials FB and IG at @ArgentinianDelights – the only warning is that the pictures are not eatable!

Sharing a tradition through a monoproduct: Alfajores.

“Life is too short… so try Alfajores first!”