Our Brand

Proudly Limestone Coast is a regional provenance brand available for exclusive use by Limestone Coast Food and Agribusiness Cluster Members.

Our Brand Story

Diverse, abundant and exceptional.

Between the Coonawarra and the Coorong there’s a stretch of coast you’re already familiar with. If you enjoy quality food and drink, then it’s right there on your plate, or in your glass – because down here on the Limestone Coast, we’re producing some of Australia’s best food and beverages.

Our region is set along 400km of rugged coastline, halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide. Underfoot, reliable natural water sources nourish an ancient volcanic landscape. Above, a thriving community of growers and makers have a keen eye on the future.

Among us you’ll find family farmers, skilled producers, fishermen’s co-ops and winemakers – all equally proud to call our unique patch of the Limestone Coast home. 

Together, we’re a flagship Australian provenance region.

A visit to our region is like a trip to Australia’s biggest farmer’s market. Turn down any road and you’ll be sure to find someone growing, harvesting or making. Spend five minutes with them, and you’ll get enough insider tips on where to eat and what to look out for to last you days, weeks, a lifetime. As you criss-cross the landscape you’ll find something different around every corner. Pack light, because you’re going to want to stock up.

The only thing better than growing and harvesting on the Limestone Coast is sharing it all with people like you. Our premium products sit on grocery shelves across Australia, while our celebrated wine and sought-after seafood is revered around the world. And thanks to our future-proofed growing conditions, there’s plenty to go around: we’ll be here breaking ground for a long time yet.

Whether it’s grapes or grain, lamb or lobster, all of our produce reflects the distinct character of our region: diverse, abundant, exceptional.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Seek out Limestone Coast for yourself.



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