With abundant natural resources, the Limestone Coast is a flagship Australian provenance region.

Our Mission

Growing Limestone Coast food, beverage and agribusiness.

The Limestone Coast Food and Agribusiness Cluster’s mission is to grow food, beverage and agribusiness in the Limestone Coast to increase the economic and food prosperity of the region by empowering people, inspiring collaboration and encouraging innovation.

Who We Are

Globally connected, locally focussed leaders.

We are a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation that is part of a global food and agribusiness cluster network, all working to advance the prosperity and provenance of their local regions. Believing in the power of collaboration, we work together to promote our strengths, capitalise on opportunities and find solutions to challenges that are difficult for individuals to solve alone. Our members proudly make, grow, harvest, catch and produce some of Australia’s best food and drink.

Our Cluster works with business, research, government and community, sharing knowledge, resources and relationships. Our board is made up of local business leaders from a range of sectors. From fishing to winemaking, farming to food processing, and hospitality to agribusiness services, we are all Proudly Limestone Coast.

Staff and Board

Chief Executive Officer

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Danielle England


Lucy Dodd
Board Member


Robyn Verrall
Board Member


Mark Wheal
Board Member

Samantha Frost
Board Member


What We Do

Working together to develop and grow.

The Limestone Coast Food and Agribusiness Cluster works together with its members and stakeholders to deliver benefits for its members, and the region.

We collaborate.

We collaborate and partner to enhance the ability of food and beverage business to innovate and value-add beyond what they can do on their own, increasing competitiveness and economic benefit. We encourage a culture of collaboration, understanding that we are only as strong as our relationships.  We will work together to respond to challenges and opportunity.

We build.

We exist to foster a diverse, strong and resilient and well-known food and beverage industry of provenance. We work to add value to the region’s food ecosystem, resulting in economic prosperity and resilience.

We promote.

We bring awareness to the provenance profile of the Limestone Coast. We build awareness of the quality and variety of produce available from our region. We share the stories of our producers.

We connect.

We facilitate the growth of the region’s networks, to connect us to others who can assist in facilitating the solving of problems, responding to challenges and making the most of opportunities.

We share.

Built in the spirit of collaboration we encourage the sharing of knowledge, skills, networks and of resources, taking a collective approach – a ‘share’ mentality.

Region Highlights

The Limestone Coast is a significant Australian agricentre. Its premium produce is supported by its natural advantages of reliable water, rich soil, mild climate and coastal location.


of SA agriculture

More than 25% of South Australia’s value-added agricultural production, from only 2% of its land.


regional jobs

The sector (inclusive of agriculture, forestry and fishing) is the region’s largest employer.


kilometres of coastline

An expansive region of varied landscapes and microclimates, halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Our Partners

Thank you to our supporters.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Australian Government National Landcare Program in partnership with Landscape South Australia Limestone Coast
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